oidentd configuration for Spoof ident

Using identfile with oidentd

1. Your /etc/oidentd.conf must allow ident spoofing for the user psybnc and ZNC runs as (the allow spoof privilege).

Example file:

default {
    default {
        allow spoof
        allow spoof_all
        allow spoof_privport
        allow random_numeric
        allow numeric
        allow hide

2. Create an empty .oidentd.conf in the homedir of the user you are running psybnc or ZNC as (this step may be unnecessary)

touch ~/.oidentd.conf
chmod 644 ~/.oidentd.conf

3. Oidentd must be able to read your ~/.oidentd.conf. Therefore psybnc or ZNC’s homedir should at least have 711 (world executable, rwx–x–x) permissions.

chmod 711 ~


If you run psybnc, make sure:
#define OIDENTD in config.h
and recompile
For more information about znc ident spoof,
visit: http://wiki.znc.in/Identfile