Prepare your VPS to run IRC Programs

Prepare your VPS to run IRC Programs Program that you need to install for your VPS so you can compile psybnc, eggdrop and any other IRC program. You need to be root to run that command: CentOS & Fedora: Type: # yum install authd gcc gcc-c++ automake autoconf libtool make tcl-devel openssl-devel dialog ncurses-devel Debian

Disable SSH root access

1) Login to the Shell Account with the new user that you have created 2) Change to root type : $ su – root 3) Use editor and Edit: /etc/ssh/sshd_config For example: vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config 4) change: #PermitRootLogin yes to: PermitRootLogin no or make sure that you remove the # sign before PermitRootLogin 5) Save the changes

Basic Unix commands

Some basic unix commands: ls -o : List files and directories in the current directory. ls -ao : List files and directories in the current directory, including hidden ones. cd [dir-path] : Change to, or change current directory to the directory indicated by [dir-path]. cd ~ : Change to your home directory, which in most cases would be /home/yourusername.

oidentd configuration for Spoof ident

Using identfile with oidentd 1. Your /etc/oidentd.conf must allow ident spoofing for the user psybnc and ZNC runs as (the allow spoof privilege). Example file: default { default { allow spoof allow spoof_all allow spoof_privport allow random_numeric allow numeric allow hide } } 2. Create an empty .oidentd.conf in the homedir of the user you are running psybnc or